What Are the Different Kinds of Online Marketing?

online marketing

Online marketing uses digital networks to promote a service or a product. It is the modern way of selling services or products using the internet and technology. In general, it involves different marketing strategies to attract the market you target online and convert them into sales.

How Does Online Marketing Work?

Online marketing pushes a message to potential and current customers using various electronic, online, and digital means. This message can be communicated as a video, piece of text, or image, distributed in different places.

A social media feed is one simple example. But complex marketing strategies could include a wide range and a comprehensive approach that involves different modes such as websites, email, social media, and other channels.

Online marketing relies on your company’s culture, habits, budget, and demographic of your target market. Market research can help you decide which approach or combination of detailed strategies will suit your company best, as not all strategies may suit your brand well.

For example, hair salons can take advantage of Instagram to showcase the different hairstyles created by their stylists. Instagram offers a free platform where small businesses can post their products or services. But it also offers paid ads so companies can reach more customers.

Further, Facebook pages of businesses can be linked directly to their websites. So it’s crucial to include relevant information on your company website, including the services you offer, contact details, address, reviews, and booking information.

Types of Online Marketing

There are different kinds of online marketing, but listed below are the most used ones that offer a higher chance of success.

Search Engine

Search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) are huge parts of online marketing. Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing the content on your company’s website so that it appears higher in search engine results when potential buyers type in terms that are related to your product offers.

It will not cost a lot to optimize your website to perform better in search engines. A website that is in high rank will bring you lots of organic traffic. This traffic is essential because, according to Google, it’s five times more valuable than Google ads.

On the other hand, search engine marketing is a search marketing strategy that requires you to pay. For example, Google is a search engine that will charge you a fee to display your ad when other people do a search that includes your keywords. These are called pay-per-click fees (PPC).

Online Advertising

There are many types of opportunities in online advertising, and one famous method is using a banner ad embedded into web pages. Other ways include interstitials. These are the ads that appear between or before content pieces. Social media platforms use this method, like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.


Another good way to connect and talk with your customers is to maintain a blog. This way, you can keep them informed about your services and products. Plus, a blog can be an excellent way to get helpful feedback and provide advice to your customers.

For instance, the site of criminal defense lawyers can include a blog page that discusses various topics about law, crimes, and many more. It provides visitors with knowledge relevant to the services of the website owner. Through this, visitors get a glimpse of what it’s like to do business with the company, which is a good start to attract people.

Social Media

Several social media platforms, such as Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, offer businesses vast and various online marketing opportunities. They are often one of the best choices when choosing an online marketing strategy. Social media marketing can emphasize the usefulness and quality of the content you created for your product or brand.

Moreover, integrate the word “social” into your social media pages. The strategy works best when your business actively interacts with customers. Talk to them, reply to their messages, acknowledge their comments, and interact with your followers more. Don’t just post ads about your business. Create a community that will trust you so you’ll have a better chance at gathering potential clients.


Another type of online marketing is email. You can use email to send newsletters, service offerings, and customized products according to the specific needs of your target customers. Email marketing will also allow you to keep your consumers up to date with special offerings, upcoming events, and company news.

That’s why it’s always ideal for creating a list of subscriber emails of potential buyers or customers. You’ll never know which one of them would like to do business with you. With this list, you can reach target customers through email marketing. Your messages will arrive in their inbox, and they will most likely see them right away.

As you can see, you have numerous options. The online marketing strategies mentioned above are the few ones that dominate the industry. A wise business owner would know that utilizing one is not enough. You have to step out of the box and try different strategies to determine which ones are best for you.

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