How To Keep Your Team Secure In Outdoor Team Building Events

employees in outdoor team building
  • Choose a safe location for outdoor team-building activities with minimal risks.
  • Plan ahead by conducting a safety briefing, having a medic, and using professional operators.
  • Secure belongings by carrying only essential items and using padlocks or GPS tracking devices.
  • Establish clear communication channels between participants and organizers, including walkie-talkies and mobile phones. 
  • Prioritize the safety of the team by proactively managing potential risks and keeping everyone safe while having fun.

Outdoor team-building activities are a great way to bring your team together, build leadership skills, and have some fun. However, it may come with risks, especially if you are not well-equipped to handle the unforeseen. Keeping your team safe and secure during these events is crucial to ensure that everyone has a good time without worrying about their safety. Here are some tips.

Choose the Right Location:

The first step in ensuring safety during outdoor team-building activities is selecting the correct location. Look for a place that is safe and secure, with mild terrain that does not pose any danger to your team. 

Avoid places with steep cliffs, high-risk water bodies, or areas with high wildlife activity. This is because these environments can be unsafe and challenging to monitor, so it’s best to avoid them.

Consider the activities you have planned and ensure the location is suitable for them. If it’s not, look for alternatives that will provide a safer and more enjoyable team-building experience.

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Prepare and Plan:

Planning for your outdoor team building event must entail reviewing potential hazards and risks that might impact the team in the chosen location. Share this information with the team and ensure they know what to expect so that they come mentally prepared. Here are the basics:

Conduct a Safety Briefing

Conduct a safety briefing before the event, highlighting emergency procedures such as first aid, evacuation, and communication plans. You should also ensure that you have first aid kits on-site and staff trained in their use.

Use Professional Operators:

If your activities are high-risk, it is best to engage professional equipment operators or instructors to run the activities. This will help in preventing injuries and accidents by ensuring everyone has a clear understanding of the equipment, how to use it, and how to minimize the risks involved. Professionals will also ensure proper care and maintenance of the equipment.

Have a Team Pre-Event Health Check:

Ensure the whole team is physically fit to undertake the planned activities. The team leader should ensure that team members have consulted with their healthcare provider/doctor to provide clearance for participation in the scheduled activities. If your activities involve high physical exertion or require medical attention, make sure you have a medic present.

Secure Your Belongings:

Traditional outdoor team-building activities can require a lot of movement, which can make it difficult to ensure your belongings are secure. Here are some measures you can implement to solve this:

Carry Only Essential Items

It is best to carry only essential items and leave behind any valuable equipment you do not need for the event. This will minimize the risk of theft and also protect them from any potential damage during the activities.

If you have to carry valuable items, make sure you lock them securely. Use padlocks and hidden pockets to protect them from potential theft or damage during the event.

Install a GPS Device To Your Trailer

If you are transporting equipment, consider installing a GPS trailer tracking system to monitor the location of your trailer at all times. This will provide you with real-time information on the exact site of your trailer and alert you if it moves or is in an unexpected area.

Use A CCTV Camera

If you have hired a venue for the event, consider installing CCTV cameras to monitor activity in and around the location. This will help you ensure that your team is safe from any potential theft or vandalism.

person installing a CCTV camera in a white wall corner

Communicate Clearly:

Communication is critical, and it’s crucial during outdoor team-building activities. Ensure that you establish clear communication channels between team members and organizers.

Walkie-talkies are a handy tool for outdoor activities as they help to establish real-time communication between the participants and organizers. You can use this to also keep track of the team’s whereabouts and ensure everyone is safe.

Ensure that every participant has a mobile phone, so they can be contacted in case of an emergency. Make sure that all numbers are shared among the team members and organizers to ensure there is always a way of getting in touch with each other.

When planning an outdoor team-building activity, always ensure that the safety of your team is a top priority. By choosing the right location, preparing and planning accordingly, using professional equipment operators where necessary, having a pre-event health check, and communicating effectively, you are proactively managing potential risks, keeping your team safe, and reducing the risk of accidents. Team building activities should be enjoyable and exciting, so make sure everyone is having a good time while staying safe.

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