Yahoo! buys Tumblr for 1.1Billion: users start migrating to WordPress

Today, internet giant Yahoo! have announced that they have purchased the popular online blogging platform Tumblr for a huge 1.1 billion dollars. But is this a good thing?


Yahoo! have officially announced this by way of a post on their client stakeholder site, Yahoo! have given more details about the acquisition along with stating that they will be keeping Yahoo! and Tumblr seperate. If you don’t know, Tumblr is one of the largest free online blog sites boasting almost 300 millions visitors a month.

The founder and CEO of Tumblr, David Karp says: “Our team isn’t changing, our roadmap isn’t changing. But we’re elated to have the support of Yahoo and their team who share our dream to make the Internet the ultimate creative canvas. Tumblr gets better faster with more resources to draw from”.

This all sounds very positive, but the question on everyone’s lips is what do Yahoo! have planned for Tumblr? Many users are worrying that we are going to have a repeat performance of what Posterous went through when they were acquired by Twitter – ie closing down! This news has already got many users flocking to other platforms like

Migration to WordPress.

After this announcement, has seen an increase in imports from Tumblr as WP CEO Matt Mullenweg says in his own blog post.

Matt adds that normally, they import 400-600 posts an hour from Tumblr, but last hour (Saturday) it was over 72,000. This means that users from Tumblr maybe a little afraid for what Yahoo! is going to do with the platform. Updating his blog, Matt adds: “Some people are reading too much into the import numbers — I don’t think there will be an exodus from Tumblr”. Only time will tell I suppose. What do you think?

Mass exodus or not, I think that reaction that users made when they heard that a web company like Yahoo! buying Tumblr is being fuelled by the uncertainty of what Yahoo! are going to do with Tumblr.

Do you have a Tumblr blog? Are you worried were Yahoo! will be taking Tumblr? Personally, I think it’s too soon to tell, but why not tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

Yahoo! buys Tumblr for 1.1Billion: users start migrating to WordPress
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