XBMC 12 “Frodo” Released

XMBC 12 “Frodo” has finally been released and it’s a highly anticipated release. Many awesome additions have been added to XBMC over the years – HD audio support was added, 10bit h.264 video decoding, and various other tweaks and improvements that all add to the awesomeness of XBMC.

But XBMC 12 has seen us some brilliant advances including Android support, native Raspberry Pi support, and the platform wide inclusion of Live TV and PVR support. Yes, that’s right, you can now watch live TV using XMBC!


The Live TV & PVR functionality has probably been the biggest single step forward for XBMC ever. Never before have you been able to watch and record live TV using XBMC, but now you can (obviously a compatible TV tuner card will be required). You can still do all the other awesome media greatness like streaming movies and TV programs from another machine or storage device and of course viewing pictures and listening to music.


The extra hardware that XBMC now supports natively also gives you many more options for creating low-powered, low-cost media centre solutions such as the Raspberry Pi.

While you’ve been able to run XBMC on the Raspberry Pi before, allbeit with re-builds such as OpenELEC, Raspbian and RaspBMC. You now have this support natively with XBMC 12. However, this isn’t the death of these re-spins, this is a positive thing that means the developers can continue to make awesome improvements to their versions of XBMC.

XBMC is available for pretty much every type of machine out there – Windows, Linux, Android and Apple devices are all supported. You can download your own copy of XBMC from their download page using the button below. Please consider donating to this amazing project as XMBC really is awesome.

Do you have an XBMC based media centre? Personally I have it running on my Raspberry Pi in the bedroom and it’s awesome! Why not tell us about your setup in the comments section…

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XBMC 12 “Frodo” Released
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