World Championship Snooker For Android

Snooker is a very popular sport with millions of people playing it worldwide. I used to play a lot of Snooker when I was younger, unfortunately I don’t really get time to play Snooker any more. But I can now play it on my Android devices – I’ve had World Championship Snooker on my tablet and phone for around a week now. I usually get bored with Android games very quickly but I have to say that I am totally addicted to this game – I’ve even managed to get the maximum 147 break on it! :)

For a mere mobile phone game the graphics are stunning (as you can see above). The game play is also very simple to get the hang of and it can easily consume hours of your day if you let it. The best thing about World Championship Snooker is that it only costs £1.03 from the Google Play store. Download link and QR code are below.

World Championship Snooker on the Google Play Store

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World Championship Snooker For Android
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