WordPress.com Business Account Launched

The awesome blogging platform WordPress.com has launched an new service aimed SMB’s (Small – Mediun Businesses), pro-bloggers or non-profit organisations wanting to launch a professional website yet remain on a tight budget. WordPress.com Business edition costs $299 per site per year; this is an extremely good price when you consider what is bundled in with the package:

  • Unlimited storage for video & audio files
  • Custom design tools
  • Support for custom web fonts
  • 50 preimium WordPress themes
  • Live chat support during core EST business hours
  • Access to a “Happiness Engineer” to help you build your site
  • Custom domain name
  • Ad free site

Some of these features are available in the already existing $99 pro package. However, it doesn’t include the unlimited storage or the premium WordPress themes; and when you consider that premium WordPress themes start at $50 each and that the maximum storage upgrade available is 200GB at $290 per year, the WordPress.com Business account really is a great package for anyone looking to create a large site yet keep it simple.

WordPress.com Business Account Launched
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