Why Google Play Can Help Improve The Economy

Why wait for the President to create jobs when the Internet can do it just as well? When a Java programmer leaves college, does he or she have to be concerned with employment opportunities? Google Play is more than a place to get your apps, movies, books, or other content. It is a method that allows virtually anyone to make money in the form of apps for Android devices. For a small fee, developers can upload their creations in the hopes of selling copies to the Android smartphones and tablets of the world. “How is this better for the economy” you ask?

Anyone Can Develop

Nearly any computer can develop apps for Android regardless of the operating system. Unlike Apple, who requires registration and a specific Apple operating system to develop for iOS, anyone able to utilize the Android SDK can develop rich and full apps. Even those who use Apple computers can download the SDK and develop for Android.

Charge What You Will

When using Google Play to peddle your apps, Google requires a one-time $25 fee for creating an account and 30% of what the app sells for. If you create a spectacular app that generates thousands of downloads per month, even selling it for $0.99 can make an unbelievable amount of money. Of course, this solely depends on your programming skills and marketing abilities to promote your app. There are apps that see more than 100,000 downloads per month. At minimum, this would be $69,000 of profit into your pocket after paying Google. This is theoretical mind you, but it looks awesome.

Business Fortitude

If you put together a good team of programmers, you could create a business doing nothing more than app development. In fact, there are a lot of companies out there that do just that. As many development programs are free, starting this business would require extremely little overhead if you and your friends hang out in your basement a few hours per day developing that perfect app. Before long, you could be called to develop custom apps for other clients and make even more money.

Always Open

As opposed to maintaining a bricks-and-mortar store, Google Play is online 24/7. You need no staff to man it, it’s automated, and you can make money while you sleep. Sounds like one of those get-rich-quick, late-night, infomercials doesn’t it? In Google’s case, it is absolutely true. If you have an amazing app that everyone wants, people will download it at all times of the day. It’s almost enough to make people want to change career paths and learn Android development.


By allowing more than a single group of select individuals to develop for Android, competition and innovative creationism can be nurtured. Unlike some beliefs of other companies, innovation doesn’t come from lawsuits. It is what causes others to develop a better quality of product in order to surpass the other guy. Juries shouldn’t dictate who’s quality is better – the consumers should.

Any way you slice it up, making money in any fashion is good for the economy. The more money an individual makes, the more he or she is going to spend. Google gives developers, whether they are app or website creators, the tools needed in order to create a more profitable lifestyle – for free. All you need is talent for design and knowledge of programming. Even if you lack programming skills, it is easy to hire someone who has those skills to create your idea. Make sure you include a contract, however. You don’t want your idea to make someone else rich.

About the author

This article has been produced by guest author, Allison Foster. Blogging was a natural progression for Allison once she graduated from college, as it allowed her to combine her two passions: writing and children. She has enjoyed furthering her writing career with www.nannyclassifieds.com. She can be contacted through e-mail on allison [dot] nannyclassifieds [at] gmail [dot] com.

Why Google Play Can Help Improve The Economy
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  • jdkchem

    There is just so much wrong with this article one does not know where to begin. Outside of the federal government the president does not create jobs. Writing apps for android sounds really great until you look at just how many apps are available. That basement you may live in is overhead, it’s not free. Then you need to advertise, also not free. At $0.99 per download you need a multitude of apps available and you need to be able to get lucky and produce the next big app. That is just to break even. There are apps that probably have 100,000 downloads per month. There also probably free. If you’re lucky you’ll be able to build a portfolio of work that you can present to an employer that will convince them to hire you. Anyone who expects to make money off of creating apps would be wise to do their research first and look at what apps sell and what they can create that people will buy.

    What was written was nothing more than wishful thinking surrounded with buzz words. The reality is that creating apps is a side job for a vast majority.