What’s Your Computing History?

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a special place in my heart for computers. I’ve always found them to be fascinating, and with the amount of functions they can do growing on a daily basis, this love isn’t set to end soon. Over the years I’ve seen many computers come and go, some gloriously in a shroud of smoke, and others just fading away into that computer heaven in the loft.

So I thought I’d tell you guys about some of the computers I’ve had (and blown up) over the years, if you want to join in and tell us about some of yours then feel free too add a comment below, I’d love to hear about your computer history!

The Early Days – Amiga 600

This was my first “real” computer. In that it wasn’t a game console like my Sega Megadrive. If I wanted I could load up Amiga Workbench from it’s 6 (yes, six) floppy disks to do things like type documents, play around in the terminal, and of course make my Amiga talk like Stephen Hawking!


It’s safe to say that I really did love this computer, with it’s super speedy 7.0MHz CPU and 1MB of RAM. I had hundreds, possibly even thousands of floppy disks strewn across my bedroom. But my love of the Amiga 600 didn’t last long as curiosity got the better of me and I decided to open her up whilst she was still plugged in. Yes people, a live motherboard and metal screwdriver do not go well together.

The Amiga 600 promptly exploded and never came back to life. But…every cloud has a silver lining as my birthday was just around the corner and so my awesome grandparents upgraded me!

The Amiga 1200

So now I’ve upgraded to the Amiga 1200. The 600 was dead & buried and I was looking to the future of computing. This bad boy had a 40MHz CPU and a huge 2MB of RAM. It really was my little powerhouse. What’s more I could still use all my old Amiga 600 applications and games with the 1200.

amiga_1200As you can see, it’s a little less compact that the Amiga 600, but let’s be honest here, they had to pack this massive amount of power in somewhere didn’t they? I’d learnt from my mistakes with the 600 and this time I didn’t bother to even open up the chassis, and the little Amiga 1200 faithfully served me for over a year. Until it was time to upgrade again…

Into The Modern Age – Windows

By now it was the mid 90′s and I wanted a Windows machine to play around with. My school had a couple of brand new Windows 98 machines and I was so jealous. That beautiful white plastic just had me drawn in from the second I saw it.

Lucky for me there was a new computer shop that had opened down the road who stocked re-furbished machines, and so my parent bought me a corporate refurbished Compaq machine that had 8MB RAM, a 500MB hard disk drive and a 300MHz Intel CPU. It also ran Windows 95. I can’t tell you guys how much I loved this machine, the machine still had it’s Barclay’s bank asset tag, but apart from that I loved it.

I kept this machine for a couple of years and I really learnt a lot on it. I stripped it down and re-built it a few times (this time it wasn’t plugged in), I added a RAM and CD ROM upgrade, and I also upgraded the OS to Windows 98. But the time had come for me to move on, I needed a new, more powerful machine for the up and coming Windows ME release. So I decided to save up and build myself a brand new PC…with a MODEM so I could try this Internet thing.

The Self Build Age

By this point I was pretty good with computers so I took the plunge and bought all of the components for my first self built machine. Windows ME was on the cusp on being released and I was expecting big things (yeah, I was young and foolish). So I got myself an 800MHz Pentium 2 CPU, 32MB RAM, a 10GB HDD, yes, ten gigabytes, and a tower case.

She was a real beauty. I loved her from the second I had finished putting her together. She was quick, beautiful, and I built her all on my own. I’m not really the self-indulgent type, but on this occasion I was really proud of myself.

Since then there have been a raft of self built machines running everything from Windows XP, to Vista, to Windows 7, to many forms of Linux in-between. I’ve also had a number of laptops, netbooks and tablets during this time. I now have a fairly modest HP PC with 3GB RAM, an Intel Core2Duo 3.0GHz CPU running an SSD/HDD combo for extra speed. It dual boots Elementary OS Luna and Windows 8 (although I rarely use the latter) and had a 22″ HD screen.

As well as this I have my trusty Samsung Series 5 550 Chromebook for writing and surfing the web, and I also have my Google Nexus 7 tablet. I’m actually in the process of shopping for a new self-built PC as my HP is getting a little tired (plus it can’t handle Minecraft that well) and that’s what got me thinking about my past with computers.

So what’s your story guys? Are you a hardcore home builder, or don’t you trust yourself building your own PC? Maybe you only have a laptop? I’d love to hear what got you guys to where you are today. Feel free to leave a comment below…

What’s Your Computing History?
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