What UK Gaming Crisis? The Online Gaming Market Is Booming!

With the UK often being touted as having the second biggest market for games, and a nation of game enthusiasts, it’s a little puzzling to continuously hear that the UK game market is in so much trouble – even the most senior trade executives have been left scratching their heads, wondering where it all went so wrong.

The answer is most likely down to a culmination of events; the recession lasting longer and being worse than ever imagined, prices being continuously driven down by supermarkets, game producers churning out single player platform games that can be completed in just a few short hours and the ‘online code’ second hand game market meaning the publishers are getting the first, and second bite of the cherry.


Pretty gloomy picture huh?

Step up online gaming, which is currently residing on the other (more sunny) side of the gaming street.

Online gaming is HUGE business right now, with a growing number of online games such as Starcraft, World of Warcraft and even online bingo sites, are enjoying an almost cult following of die-hard advocates.  But why is it so popular, and are there any lessons traditional game producers can learn from them?

First on the list of things to love about online gaming is the opportunity to do so much different ‘stuff’.  Rather than being limited to just one or two missions, or learning a couple of new skills, online games allow you to do a multitude of different activities: Mining, pirating, flying, shooting, setting up barracks, training soldiers (I could go on) – meaning that the investment of a few pounds up front to purchase the hardware feels like money well spent, because of the sheer number of gaming hours you get in return.

Furthermore, the thing that most online gamers enjoy is the sense of community. By using the example of online bingo gaming sites, those who play are able to connect with others who share the love of the game, and enjoy the fact that at any moment there are likely to be thousands of like minded individuals logged on, all equally immersed in the game, and each one effecting the other, just like in real life.

With most cities, towns and villages experiencing a serious lack of community in the 21st century, what used to be a traditional and much-loved game, enjoyed in buzzing bingo halls, full of thrill and excitement, has now diminished – so it’s little wonder people are turning online to interact, shrinking the entire world to a wonderful community that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your chair.

And, last but not least, online gaming lets users to play the game on your terms.  If you want to spend longer learning the skills in one area than another, or if you want to spend time checking out online bingo games reviews to get the latest hints and tips, you can. And you’re not limited to just a couple of options, there are thousands (if not millions) of different possibilities and endings to explore and enjoy.

Playing an online game allows you to immerse yourself in a virtual wonderland – you feel like you are part of a real world, influencing real people and events and creating situations you have been a major part of. It draws you back time after time, and leaves you thinking about the game long after you finish playing it.

And, finally, the main advantage of online gaming that helps it to outshine the physical playing of games, is its ability to let gamers transport their virtual world with them. The emergence of new technological platforms such as handheld tablet has opened even more opportunities for serious online gamers to play whenever and wherever they please.

What UK Gaming Crisis? The Online Gaming Market Is Booming!
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