What Is Tizen?

TizenTizen is tipped to be the latest evolution of the mobile operating system that’s set to take the mobile computing market by storm. But what is Tizen? Well, in this article we’ll be telling you a little more about it so that you can say that you’re a step closer to becoming a Tizen guru.

What is Tizen?

Tizen UI

Tizen, much like Google’s Android OS is a mobile operating that’s made up of two main components; the Linux kernel and the Webkit runtime. Again, like Android, Tizen has some huge names behind it as it’s co-developed by the Linux Foundation and Intel. Not only that but Samsung also have some serious ties to Tizen as well. At the moment Tizen is not found by default on any mobile device, but Samsung plans to launch several smartphones running the system later this year.

Tizen has gained backing from French network Orange, Chinese handset manufacturer Huawei and Japanese carrier NTT Docomo. The OS plans to launch an application store later this year, more details of which are supposed to be revealed at the Tizen developer conference in May.

When will we get it?

Well, back in January Samsung emailed Bloomberg with an official announcement as to when and how they will be releasing the fist of their Tizen powered devices. In the email they go on to say the following…

“We plan to release new, competitive Tizen devices within this year and will keep expanding the lineup depending on market conditions.”

Within the email to Bloomberg, Samsung don’t elaborate on specifics such as dates, prices or specifications. So I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see what they come up with and when. Samsung have recently had massive success with their string of Android powered devices, so the move to Tizen may well shift the balance of power from Android over at Samsung HQ.

How does Tizen Work?

The short answer is a lot like Android. Tizen features a home screen that’s not too dissimilar to that of Android with a grid of applications, a pull-down settings menu from the top of the screen, and a sliding lock screen, similar to that used by Windows Phone 8.

Many parts of Samsungs TouchWiz Android overlay have been “borrowed” for Tizen also; so things like fonts, icons, and also the general look and feel of Tizen will be very familiar to those with Android based Samsung devices.

Tizen isn’t going to be limited to just smartphones and tablets though, it will also work with devices like in-car entertainment systems, smart televisions and netbooks, although the emphasis so far has very much been on smartphones.

Can I try Tizen now?

Tizen has backing from some serious contenders within the smartphone world, and they have committed to having Tizen based devices on the shelves by the end of 2013. If you’re a developer then you can download the Tizen SDK and start developing Tizen apps right away. Being a software that’s in active development, it really isn’t available for general use at the moment.


I hope this answers the question of “What is Tizen?”, personally I think Tizen will have to come up with something pretty special to pull me away from Android. I’m heavily involved in the Google ecosystem, and with Tizen not being developed by Google, brings me to question how well the Google integration will be. But only time will tell whether Tizen will be the mobile OS for me personally.

What do you guys think, would you give up your current device for a Tizen based one? If you know anyone that may want to know more about Tizen then please remember to share this article using the buttons below.

What Is Tizen?
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