What do you use your Raspberry Pi for?

raspberry_pi_on_handThe Raspberry Pi is a fantastic little piece of kit, and it can be adapted for a ridiculous amount of uses. As quick Google search yields results such as using it to control robotic limbs, remote control tanks, a wi-fi hot spot and even as a weather balloon that sends tweets from the stratosphere!

These uses are all pretty impressive, and some of them are pretty wacky at the same. Personally, I use my $35 credit card sized computer as a media centre in the bedroom. It’s running XBMC and streams content from my NAS drive in the study. So, if my girlfriend is watching “x factor super stars ballroom skating on ice” then I can disappear to the bedroom and watch a movie, listen to some music, or watch one of the many box sets we have on the 1TB NAS.

I use my Android powered Galaxy S3 to control the device over wi-fi and the whole thing works like a charm. Overall the Raspberry Pi is a great device, and I really think I would miss it should be taken away tomorrow. But my use for the device is a little mundane, so I thought I’d ask you guys what you use you Raspberry Pi’s for? I’d love to hear any practical, funny, or even amazing uses that you have for your device.

As always the comment section is below, just waiting to be filled up with some of your amazing uses for the little device…

What do you use your Raspberry Pi for?
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  • http://arissh.com/ Aris S Ripandi

    I have two Raspi, i use it for Home Multimedia Center and Web Server for some static blog..