What Do You Do With Your Tablet PC?

Whether your device is a 5″ Galaxy Note, a 7″ Nexus 7, or a 10″ iPad or Nexus device, tablet PC’s are becoming commonplace in both households and offices around the world. But what do you use yours for?


Lately, reports say that non-iOS (iPad) devices are gaining a strong foothold in the tablet market, mainly those powered by Google’s mobile Operating System Android – in particular Google’s own first Tablet, the Nexus 7. Other manufactures like Samsung, Amazon and Asus contribute to this growth offering reasonably tablets to consumer with best spec. Like Quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, cool design with two cameras on board and high resolution display that distinguish latest tablet PC’s from their predecessors.

Personally, I own the Nexus 7 Tablet PC and all the time, I read news, Hang out with friends but sincerely, when I’m with my tablet, most the time, I play games, games and games again. My favourite games are Need For Speed: Most Wanted, Dungeon Hunter, Real Football 13, Subway surfer and what I called the mother of all games, Real Racing 3.

Tablet aren’t just for gaming though, in fact, some may argue that gaming is the smallest part of what they can do. So why not tell us below what you use your tablet PC’s for? We would love to hear them…

What Do You Do With Your Tablet PC?
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