We’re hiring

RefuGeeks is growing, and growing, and growing. We have a loyal following on all of our social networks, as well as on the site itself either by normal visits, or via RSS syndication. At the moment the whole she-bang is run by myself so I really could do with some help around the place. Interested?

We’re hiring…

As usual we’re always on the lookout for great talented people to write for us. So if you’re interested in becoming a guest author on RefuGeeks, then please do get in touch. However, that’s not the only position we’re looking to fill. We’re also on the lookout for a Community Manager to help us to grow our social reach on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and via RSS & newsletters.

I have lots of ideas on how to build better communities around the RefuGeeks readership, but I don’t get time and I also really need some fresh meat to come in and volunteer to help grow the RefuGeeks community into what it really has the potential to be. So if you’re experienced in growing and maintaining online communities, or if you have you just have a knack for social networks, love working with them and feel you would like to volunteer for the position, then please do contact us and I will be happy to talk to you more about the job.

What’s in it for me?

Well, this is a volunteer position. RefuGeeks doesn’t actually make any money, I just do it for the love of doing it. The small amount of money that we do make from advertising goes straight back into the site in terms of development and hosting costs. However, the job does come with a number of perks, such as:

  1. An awesome (and very rare) @refugeeks.com email address.
  2. You will be working very closely with myself (that’s probably not a perk thinking about it, but thought it was worth mentioning anyway). :)
  3. Since you will be working very closely with me, you will be privy to a lot of information about RefuGeeks inner workings that no one else will know.
  4. You will have a genuine, direct affect on how RefuGeeks progresses in the future.
  5. You will get a shed load of kudos for helping to grow this awesome site!

So what are you waiting for? I’ve even saved you a mouse click by adding a contact form below. If you’re interested in becoming a guest author, or the official RefuGeeks Community Manager, then simply fill in the form below to get started. Thanks guys!

We’re hiring
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  • shadowguy14

    I just laughed at #2 haha I’m sure it’d be fun to work with you Kev

    • http://www.refugeeks.com/ Kev Quirk

      Haha yeah, I didn’t really think that one through did I haha