We’re Alive!

Hi guys!

Here we are, a brand new tech site and this is our very first post. At the moment the information on this site is pretty thin on the ground but please bookmark us or follow us on any of the social networks as more content will be coming soon…so much so that you will soon have content coming out of your ears!

So let me tell you a little bit about the site and about myself, Kev Quirk. I have had another blog for over a year now (blog.jingaling.co.uk) and it’s really gained some popularity. So, that got me thinking that maybe I should try launching a ‘real’ tech site rather than just a blog. So RefuGeeks was born (do you like the name by the way? I thought it was pretty funny…a refuge for geeks, RefuGeeks :D). Over the next few weeks, months and even years I will be personally adding a tonne of content, I’m hoping to get some guest authors in and maybe even some permanent ones so please do keep an eye on us as there are some interesting times ahead.

So, about me, well my name is Kev but you guys can call me anything you like – Kev would be my preference though. I am an IT professional from the UK and I have a very keen interest in all things tech. Being the all round stand up guy that I am I like to share my knowledge – that’s why I started my blog, which in turn grew into this site. So welcome to RefuGeeks, I hope you enjoy your visit please feel free to post comments or contact us. I’d really love to hear from you guys!

We’re Alive!
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