Vokoscreen – An Ubuntu Screencast Utility

Creating screencasts is a favourite past time of many Linux enthusiasts so that they can show off what they have done with their distro. They’re also used a lot my bloggers like myself to give visitors a video demonstration of something on their machine. For those that don’t know, a screencast is a video of your desktop.

Why Vokoscreen?

Whilst there are many screencast tools that will work in Ubuntu/Linux, some of them web based like Screencast-o-matic, Vokoscreen is one of the best native apps for Ubuntu/Linux that I have used.

vokoscreen 1.4.10 Beta 1_001

I think you’ll agree that the user interface on Vokoscreen isn’t the best, however beauty is only skin deep and functionality is far more important. With Vokoscreen you can record your whole screen, an area of your screen or even a single window very easily. Just select the applicable checkbox for the type of recording you want to do and click start.

Vokoscreen can also record your webcam output and magnify parts of your screen as you record. Under the settings tab (the film reel icon) you can select your frame rate and output format. Vokoscreen supports both .AVI and .MKV output, both of which are compatible for upload to YouTube. You can also pick where your video’s will be stored – by default this location is /home/user/videos.

Here is a quick recording of my desktop with Vokoscreen, just so you can see what it can do:

[youtube id="QSxCpHeovtY" width="600" height="350"]

If you want to install Vokoscreen in Ubuntu, simply run these three commands in a terminal window:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:vokoscreen-dev/vokoscreen
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install vokoscreen

Vokoscreen – An Ubuntu Screencast Utility
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  • françois kevin Bile Ebelle

    Don’t you have one alternative for ElementaryOS? It is based on Ubuntu, but some paquets do not work… Great application

    • http://www.refugeeks.com/ Kev Quirk

      Elementary is based on Ubuntu so this will work just fine on it.

      • françois kevin Bile Ebelle

        I tried, it does not work correctly. I don’t know if it supports the Output-Line.. Maybe it just supports the Input-Line.

  • Sabun

    I’ve got a weird problem with Vokoscreen at the moment. Recording audio as Pulse monitor of my sound card (labeled as Oxygen HD Audio), it will only record 3 seconds of sound from my desktop. No problems with the screen recording, just the audio.

    So I tried the ffmpeg command the developer uses, and the issue is still there. There seems to be a problem with it recording desktop audio. Using Sound Recorder separately and making it record the monitor using pavucontrol works though. No idea how to fix this.

  • xSadoro

    whenever i click on “start” it is like the app blinks but nothing happens !