Veecard – A Beautiful Free Personal WordPress Theme

Veecard is one of the best free WordPress themes I have ever seen. The whole point of Veecard is to showcase a personal site with a professional twist.


The site focusses on your skills, contact details and professional experience in order to promote yourself. The big advantage of this site is that you can easily share contact details, your portfolio and a blog; so Veecard can easily become a beautiful showcase of all of your skills.


The theme customisation is what really sets Veecard apart from other free WordPress themes I’ve seen. The admin panel really is every bit as good as any of the “premium” paid for themes that you can purchase online.

Within the admin panel you can change many aspects of the site to give it a very different look to the default one. Google fonts, the background image, a logo, text colourisation, patterns and the over all colour scheme (i.e. light or dark) can easily be changed to give Veecard a very unique look.

Veecard Admin

I setup Veecard in a demo environment and spent literally five minutes customising the default look. Finally I added a “corporate” picture of myself and ended up with a great looking site that was a doddle to create. If it wasn’t for the fact that I’ve spent a lot of time on my own personal homepage then I would have seriously considered Veecard for use myself. Here is the result of my five minutes of tweaking:

veecard custom

A great feature that I really like about Veecard is that you can upload your own vcard file so that people can easily download all of your contact details and use them in their favourite email applications like Gmail, Outlook or Thunderbird.

Veecard is undoubtedly one of the best free themes around. So if you’re looking for an all encompassing, professional WordPress theme that will really make you look as professional as you deserve to look, then you should would seriously consider Veecard. You can download Veecard using the button below, and you can see a live demo of Veecard here.

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Veecard – A Beautiful Free Personal WordPress Theme
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