Use Your Own Domain In Blogger

Over the last few days we’ve looked at how to setup a new blog in Blogger and we’ve also looked at customising your Blogger blog once you’ve got it setup and working. Today we’re going to look at taking your customisation one step further and getting your own URL (web address) for your Blogger blog.

So you’ve got your new Blogger blog setup and it’s looking pretty sharp with all the cool customisations that you’ve added to the site. However, people still need to go to in order to get to your blog (obviously substitute ”kevscats” for your blog name). This isn’t the best really, especially as your Blogger blog grows you’re going to want your own URL. Something like would be much better (this address doesn’t work by the way – it’s just an example).

You’re in luck because it’s very easy to use your own domain with Blogger. The first thing you need to do is purchase an internet domain. These cost from around £8.00 – £10.00 per year depending on the domain name you want to purchase. You can find out more about registering domain names in this article.

Give me my domain!

Ok, let’s assume that you now have your domain and it’s all ready to go. What you need to do now is login to your Blogger dashboard, click on the down arrow next to the view blog button and select settings. You now want to look for the Publishing section to add a custom domain:

Blogger Custom Domain

Click on the Add a custom domain link below your current Blogger blog address. This will then give you two options, you can purchase a domain and have it setup automatically by Google to work with your blog (this costs $10/year) or you can click on the Switch to advanced settings link to add a domain you already own.

From here you simply type in the name of your domain name and follow the customised instructions for your blog by clicking on the settings instructions link.

Blogger Custom Domain 02

 I’m a beginner and don’t know how domains work…

That’s fine! If you’re a beginner and don’t want to get stuck in the advanced settings of configuring your domains DNS settings to work with your Blogger blog then I would strongly recommend that you buy a domain for $10/year through Google rather than the advanced method. Buying it directly through Google will mean that everything is handled for you. You simply pay for the domain, wait for 24 hours or so and ta-da! Your domain will be working.

What about the people that have my old blog address?

That’s also fine. Google will automatically forward your old address to your new custom address even if you use the manual method of setting it up, so if anyone visits the old address they will automatically be re-routed to your shiny new domain.

Your Blogger blog should now be starting to come together nicely. The next article in this series will be showing you how to customise your side bar to get some awesome content (aside from your posts of course!). So keep an eye out for that.

Now that your blogs are coming together why not post some links to your awesome customised Blogger blogs below?

Use Your Own Domain In Blogger
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