Unity Tweak Tool Added To 13.04 Raring Repositories

Great news for anyone who regularly tweaks Ubuntu, which, let’s face it is most of us. The Unity Tweak Tool has now been added to the 13.04 Raring Ringtail official repositories.

What this means is that the Unity Tweak Tool is now available for install direct from the Ubuntu Software Centre. For those that don’t know, The Unity Tweak Tool gives users more granular control so that they can change the look and feel of the Ubuntu desktop over and above what is on offer from the ‘normal’ Ubuntu settings window.

There are a number of other tools that have a similar role to the Unity Tweak Tool, such as Ubuntu Tweak. However, I personally find the Unity Tweak Tool to be the most comprehensive of all the ‘tweak tools’ as it allows you to not only tweak Unity settings (such as panel & launcher transparency and launcher icon size), but also system settings like themes, icons, wallpaper, the position of your window control buttons and a lot more.


The Unity Tweak Tool is a extremely easy to use and it’s really well laid out.

We introduced the Unity Tweak Tool back in January, at which point it was an early development release. So to go from a development release to a stable build that is also included in the Ubuntu Software Centre in just a couple of months is very impressive.

Are you using the Unity Tweak tool, or do you prefer one of the others? Why not tell us your thought in the comments section below.

Unity Tweak Tool Added To 13.04 Raring Repositories
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