Ubuntu Phone OS Images Available Next Week

Ubuntu Phone OS

In a blog post yesterday, Canonical announced that official Ubuntu Phone OS images will be available for the Galaxy Nexus & Nexus 4 devices from the 21st February 2013.

Now, before you all race of to go and download the image and start flashing your devices, you should take note that these images are development releases only, and what that means is that they are likely to be buggy, unstable and probably not work as expected. However, it’s very exciting nonetheless and I’m sure many of you will be trying it out!

Not for everyone…or is it?

Along with the Ubuntu Phone OS images for the Nexus devices listed above, Canonical will also provide a desktop application much like the  Ubuntu Nexus 7 installer so that you can easily install Ubuntu Phone OS to your device and revert it back to Android should you wish.

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At the point of release next week, the Ubuntu Phone OS source code will also be made available so that the developers amongst you can really get your hands dirty and start playing with the nuts & bolts of the new mobile operating system.

All in all this is a fantastic milestone in the history of Ubuntu and I for one really wish I had a Nexus device to play with! If any of you guys have flashed Ubuntu Phone OS to your devices, please let us know what you think of it in the comments section below.

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Ubuntu Phone OS Images Available Next Week
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