Ubuntu Phone OS Desktop Wallpaper

Ubuntu Phone OS is extremely popular at the moment with many technology sites writing all about the new awesomeness that is Ubuntu Phone OS. Well, a lot of people want to take it one step further and get a taste of Ubuntu Phone OS on their current hardware. There has already been an Android Live Wallpaper released and now there is a desktop wallpaper too.

So this wallpaper for your desktop has been made by yours truly and is available in a resolution of 1920×1200. The wallpaper itself is designed to be a likeness of the Ubuntu Phone OS home screen. It doesn’t move like the Ubuntu Phone OS home screen though, it’s simply just a static wallpaper. But it’s still pretty cool.

Ubuntu Phone Wall

You can download the full size wallpaper by clicking on the image above which will open in a lightbox. All you need to do then is right click on the image and select ‘Open image in new tab’. This will open the full size image in a new tab so you can then save the wallpaper to your hard drive.

If you want the wallpaper in a different screen resolution then please request this in the comments below and I will endeavour to resize the wallpaper and post a reply for you with a download link.

Just for fun, here is a RefuGeeks version of the same wallpaper:

RefuGeeks Wall


For this wallpaper I used a template created by Michael Hall which in turn is originally based on a template created by Michał Prędotka. Anyone can download the edited template or the original SVG file created by Michal to edit it how they wish. Thanks goes to Michal & Michael for creating the templates!

Ubuntu Phone OS Desktop Wallpaper
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