Ubuntu Gets A 1% Share In Steam Client Usage

We recently reported that Steam’s Ubuntu beta has now gone open and all Ubuntu users can now install and enjoy Steam on their favourite open source OS (providing it’s based on Ubuntu).

Well, things are looking really good for us Ubuntu users, as Steam recently published their hardware & software survey results and they look great. The results (shown below) show great adoption in the Ubuntu community. In just one month, Ubuntu users have managed to carve a 0.8% share of the total usage of Steam.

Steam Survey

You will also notice from the results above that there is an entry for “other” which has a further 0.71% of Steams usage. It would be reasonable to presume that this “other” section would contain other Ubuntu based distributions such as Elementary and Pinguy OS (as well as other OS’s like Windows XP of course). This survey is 100% optional for Steam users, so the numbers are likely to be better than what is shown taking into account that not all users have inevitably taken part.

It’s really great to see such positive early adoption to gaming in Ubuntu/Linux. Let’s hope this trend continues!

Are you a Steam Ubuntu user? Why not tell us what you think about it in the comments section below.

Ubuntu Gets A 1% Share In Steam Client Usage
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  • George Thomas Stevenson

    Here’s hoping that number grows… substantially!