Ubuntu Edge Three Weeks In – It’s not looking good


So we’re 21 days into the Ubuntu Edge Indiegogo campaign and it’s fair to say that things aren’t going well over at Ubuntu HQ. With just 9 days to go and not even $10 million of their $32 million target raised; I think it’s safe to say that things aren’t looking good for Canonical right about now.

Looking at the chart below from ubuntu-edge.info it’s clear to see that interest in the campaigned plateaued a long time a go and things don’t look set to change any time soon. When we last wrote about the Ubuntu Edge campaign on 4th of August, Canonical had managed raised a little over $8 million, so that’s an average for $4 million a week. But in the last week the Ubuntu Edge campaign hasn’t managed to raise half that.

Ubuntu Edge 3 weeks inIt’s not all doom & gloom

Although things are looking pretty grim terms of the completion of the project. Having raised so much cash will undoubtedly get some raised eyebrows from smartphone vendors and OEM’s. So even if the campaign fails then the likelihood is that the Ubuntu Edge campaign will have still done a lot of good for Canonical.

I will be extremely surprised if Canonical don’t have some kind of announcement up their sleeves to raise more interest in the latter days of the campaign. But even with this in mind, to be on target they should have already raised a whopping $23.5 million.

So is this just too much of a mountain to climb? I’m afraid to say that I think so, but it’s been extremely enjoyable to watch, and who knows, maybe they will pull of the comeback of the century. I suppose we will know in the next 9 days.

What do you guys think? Can Canonical pull this off? We would love to hear your thoughts…

Ubuntu Edge Three Weeks In – It’s not looking good
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  • LR

    I think they maybe a surprise at the end of tally… here’s hoping…

    • http://www.refugeeks.com/ Kev Quirk

      I hope so, I’d love to see is succeed. However, I think the surprise would have to be monumental to come back from this deficit.