Ubuntu edge revealed – and it’s epic!

A couple of days ago I wrote an article about the leaked “Ubuntu Edge” images that were accidentally found on one of the Ubuntu web servers. In that article I wrote about how I wasn’t sure if this was a clever PR stunt by Canonical, or if this was for real. Well my fellow RefuGeeks, it turns out that this is completely legit, and very exiting!

Crowd Funding

So the guys over at Canonical have opened up what is Indiegogo’s biggest ever crowd funding campaign – they’re after a whopping $32,000,000…thirty two million dollars!!! They say that this will fund the first 44,000 Ubuntu Edge devices at a cost of $830 each. Now you might be thinking “WHAT! $830!! That’s really expensive.” It’s not really when see what these puppy’s can do, first of all though, let’s take a look at the system specifications for the Ubuntu Edge:

  • A ‘multi-core CPU’
  • At least 4GB RAM
  • 128GB storage
  • 4.5″ Sapphire Crystal screen (1280×720 HD resolution)
  • Dual cameras (8mp rear, 2mp front)
  • MHL connector (supporting HDMI)
  • Long-life silicon anode battery
  • Dual-LTE, NFC, Dual-band WiFi & Bluetooth 4
  • GPS, Barometer, Compass, Proximity Sensor, Gyro, etc

So, why the heck does a smartphone need 128GB of storage and at least 4GB of ram? Well people, this isn’t your run of the mill smartphone. You see, the device will dual boot Android and Ubuntu Touch so you can choose either OS on the device. Then when the device is docked to an external display, keyboard and mouse (KVM) you can use it as a fully fledged Ubuntu computer. Yes, that’s right, you can literally carry your PC around with you in your pocket. How cool is that?

The Ubuntu Edge Indiegogo campaign still has 30 days to go, and whilst I’ve been writing this article the amount raised so far has gone up from $1,100,000 to $1,800,000 so you better be quick if you want to get involved and reserve your device! Here’s a video from Mr Shuttleworth himself explaining a little more about the project and the device:

All I have to say now is SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! Will you be joining in and becoming a part of this amazing project? I will be!

Ubuntu Edge on Indiegogo

Ubuntu edge revealed – and it’s epic!
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