Ubuntu Edge: One Week In

A week ago the world was introduced to the Ubuntu Edge Idiegogo campaign which hopes to raise a massive $32,000,000 to help fund Canonical’s limited edition smart phone, the Ubuntu Edge. A lot has happened in the last week so let’s take a look…

Ubuntu Edge is everywhere

Other than RefuGeeks (of course), the Ubutu Edge Indiegogo campaign has been covered by some of the most influential news sites and TV programs across the globe. CNBC, BBC, The Telegraph, Wired, Forbes, Techcruch to name but a few. All of this coverage has undoubtedly spurred on the current funds raised at just over $7,000,000.

Will they reach their target?

That’s hard to say. The current record on Indiegogo is currently held by the Pebble smart watch and stands at $11,000,000 so that would be the next logical milestone in the Ubuntu Edge campaign. However, do they have what it takes to hit that $32,000,000 mark? I really hope they do, but looking at a graph of pledges over the last week we can see that donations are really starting to peter out and at the moment it’s looking very tight indeed.

The guys over at Canonical have been doing whatever they can to raise interest in the campaign, having different pledge levels that offer a discounted Ubuntu Edge device. But for me, the biggest hindrance for the campaign, and what’s stopping me personally from handing over some of my hard earned cash is the fact that at the moment all you can pledge $20 to get on the founders page, and the next jump is a whopping $725 for a device.

Edge Graph

I think if Canonical add intermediate pledge levels, things like T-Shirts, laptop stickers and other cool merch. Then I really think this will help the campaign. Not everyone has $700 lying around, and most feel like at $20 they would want something more than their name printed on a web page. I’m personally in that camp. If they had something that was, for example, $50 and you get an Ubuntu Edge T-Shirt and sticker, plus your name on the founders page, the I personally would jump on that.

According to a blog post by Jono Bacon (the Ubuntu Community Manager) has mentioned that the team are looking into this, so we will probably see something like this in the very near future. Jono goes on to say:

One piece of feedback we have received from many of you is a desire for a lower dollar-amount perk for those who can’t afford to purchase an Ubuntu Edge device but still want to support the campaign. We are currently working on this right now, and look forward to announcing this soon.

All I can say to the Canonical team is good luck. I really do hope that this amazing device does come to fruition. But what do you guys think? Good, bad or ugly, please feel free to leave your thoughts ant comments below. We will of course keep bringing you the latest updates from the Ubuntu Edge campaign.

Ubuntu Edge on Indiegogo

Ubuntu Edge: One Week In
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