Ubuntu Edge – Is this the new Ubuntu Phone?

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Last night it seems that Sébastien Maes accidentally tripped over some images of a device dubbed the Ubuntu Edge. These images show a pretty sleek looking Ubuntu branded smartphone. Subsequent to Sébastien’s find the site/images have been taken down. However, that didn’t stop Sébastien grabbing the images before the site went down.

Ubuntu Edge - 6As you can see from the image above the device does look very slick indeed. But you do have to ask yourself, is this a clever PR ploy by Canonical, or are we looking at leaked images of the first official Ubuntu Phone? I really hope it’s the latter as the Ubuntu Edge really does look gorgeous.

All we have at the moment are some images of the Ubuntu Edge, and we don’t even know if they are legitimate. But what do you guys think? With a device that looks as good as this, would you buy one? I know I would!


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Ubuntu Edge – Is this the new Ubuntu Phone?
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