Ubuntu Adds Official Contribution Page

Yesterday the guys over at Ubuntu launched a new contributions page for the Ubuntu project. Whilst it’s not uncommon for open source projects to have a contributions/donations page as they obviously don’t sell their software to users, Ubuntu have decided to do it a little differently.

The guys at Ubuntu have decided to do their contributions page in the same way as Humble Bundle do. So basically you can pick where you want your donation to go. So, whether you want to donate to just the UI part of the project or if you want your whole donation to go into hardware compatibility development - it’s completely up to you.

So if you’re an active user of Ubuntu and want to give something back to show some love for all the hard work that Ubuntu do for us all. Head on over to the Ubuntu contributions page to send them a quick thank you. You can donate as much or as little as you want via PayPal.

Ubuntu Adds Official Contribution Page
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  • shadowguy14

    What if you don’t use Ubuntu, but something based off of it? (Like Zorin OS or Luninux OS) some feel they don’t need to donate

    • http://www.refugeeks.com/ Kev Quirk

      Well, in my opinion you are essentially still using Ubuntu so I think it’s still important to donate to the project because if Ubuntu stopped then so would many others like Zorin, Pinguy, Mint etc.

  • Mrs. Nityanandi

    For years i’ve been trying with urgency and frustration to donate, and it has been impossible, and to this day it still can’t be done; and it is unbearable to think of the great number of donations that may be lost in the same way. In sum, the sliders are all set, etcetera, i click to proceed to PayPal, and then comes some crap that “You can’t access this page.” I can’t get anyone to pay any attention to me or do anything about it.