Ubuntu 13.04 Final Beta Released

Today marks the release of the final development beta of Ubuntu‘s latest version, 13.04. Will you be upgrading? Also available with this release are the newly created Ubuntu Gnome and Ubuntu Kylin projects.

The final beta is usually the time where I personally feel that Ubuntu is stable enough for me to upgrade my machines. However, just because it’s good enough for me doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s good enough for you, so please bear in mind that this is still a development release until the official stable release on April 25th.

Ubuntu 1304 Beta

New Features

What’s the point in having a new version if there are no new features to go with it? Below is a quick overview of some of the new features found in Ubuntu 13.04. We will of course provide a full review once the stable build is released.

  • New look session dialogs (shutdown, logout etc)
  • Updated interface animations like window snap and open window scrolling
  • New sync menu for Ubuntu One
  • A generally more streamlined, faster Unity

How to get Ubuntu 13.04 Beta

If you’re one of those crazy cats that runs the Ubuntu daily builds, then you don’t need to do anything – as long as you’re fully up to date then you’re good to go. However, if you like a little more stability with your OS, and are currently running one of the older builds then you can download the beta ISO using the button below.

Are you using Ubuntu 13.04? Why not tell us what you think below…

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Ubuntu 13.04 Final Beta Released
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