Top Travel Gadgets for Summer Holidays 2013

You’re going on your summer vacation to get away from everything. It’s not as simple as that these days. You really need some cool little gadgets to help you relax when you are on holiday, to take away from any minor niggles and quibbles. On top of that, you need to ensure that your gadgets are durable and light, as no one wants to pay for going over your luggage allowance do they?

First things first, you’ve booked your flights to your destination in the sun. For the plane you need some good noise cancelling headphones. Not the big bulky sort that audiophiles have, as these will be cushioned and way too hot. Sennheiser have brought out some great in ear headphones which completely cancel out the noise of a screaming child on the plane, or the never ending drone of the engines. However, they can’t do much about the other one kicking the back of your chair.

Your hand luggage itself is a very important part of your gadget collection. You need to make sure your bag is safe, and your belongings protected with a hard yet lightweight bag. There’s a company called LAT56 who have come out with the perfect backpack. Looking like it’s made of body armour, and with the capacity to hold 15 litres with a space for your laptop that’s protected by memory foam and comfortable straps, this bag is perfect, with enough room for everything if you’re just away for a long weekend.

So you’ve managed to make it to wherever you are going. You’re sitting on the beach, cold beer in hand when you realise you’ve forgotten the bottle opener. Help is at hand, well, foot because you’ve packed your Reef Men’s Quencha TQT sandals. All you need to do it slip them off, using the handy bottle opener located on the sole.

Next on the list is a camera. Everyone loves holiday snaps. It is generally best if you take a hard wearing, waterproof camera, leaving your digital SLR at home in case you get it wet or full of sand. The Kodak Playsport is a good choice as you can take it up to three metres underwater. It will work even if you’ve accidentally dropped it in the pool.

You’ll also need some entertainment if you are not out partying every night. You must pick up some good quality travel speakers, and not skimp on cheap tinny ones. The Geneva Sound System Model XS connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone and also comes with a built in alarm clock in case you need to get up early for a day trip or tour. It also comes with a DAB radio.

Finally, a Kindle is another great addition to your bag of gadgets. You can take an entire library on holiday, saving you the tedium of airport fiction, plus the battery will last for your entire trip and then some.

Top Travel Gadgets for Summer Holidays 2013
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