Top Must-Try Gaming Apps for 2013

As an avid reader of RefuGeeks, it’s probably quite likely that you’re an avid fan of all things technology ” from wanting to get the low-down on all of the latest updates for your beloved laptop, to testing out the latest apps on your can’t-live-without smartphone or your brand spanking new tablet.

If you’re more interested in the latter then you’ll know that there are hundreds of apps being released everyday that all claim to contribute to every tiny aspects of our lives; from checking out the latest offers on your favorite store, to keeping you entertained on a rainy day.  But, with so many being created day-after-day it becomes practically impossible to keep up with all of the current apps available.

Well, in order to try and make the task of testing out all of the latest apps a little easier for you, here’s my rundown on the 5 must-try gaming apps for your mobile phone or tablet for 2013 (and trust me, they’ll most definitely help to keep you entertained when that rainy day next comes around):

1. Temple Run 2 (Free)

Any of you gaming lovers will know that the first Temple Run was simply amazing. But, if you haven’t discovered it yet, then you’re really missing out ” because Temple run 2 is even better. For those who never had the pleasure of playing the first one (I’d recommend downloading that one too), all you need to do in the game is swipe up to jump, swipe left and right to turn and swipe down to slide, and use these commands to avoid the various obstacles in your path to stay well ahead of the beasts running after behind you.

Temple Run 2 incorporates all of the classic concepts but rather than just running along the platform, Temple Run 2 now includes grabbing onto ropes and even, jumping into mine-carts! It’s set to be a top game for 2013, so get downloading now!

2. Cut The Rope (69p)

Now, I know that this suggestion may seem a little bit childish, but if you’re anything like me, then this game will leave you addicted for hours. Because, despite the game being fairly straight forward (all you need to do is cut the rope in order to try and feed the little green monster), it’s one of those games you can’t seem to put down. Collect as many gold stars as you can, discover tons of hidden prizes, and unlock as many of the 325 levels as you can! Just don’t blame me when you can’t seem to get anything else done…

3. Angry Birds Space (69p)

Just as you thought Angry Birds had been completely exhausted and the creators couldn’t possibly come up with anymore exciting levels, Angry Birds Space was created. Yes, that’s right, the birds have finished with Earth and are now causing havoc up in the realms of space. The game now features 60 interstellar levels on planets with zero gravity, which helps to add a completely new dimension to the old, classic game. With new updates, new birds, new superpowers and the whole universe to conquer, the game is guaranteed to keep you enthralled this year.

4. GSN Casino (Free)

What could be more fun than brightening up a rainy day than with a good old game of bingo? The GSN Casino app is home to a whole host of classic jackpot games – from slots and poker, to bingo – all of which are guaranteed to brighten up an otherwise rainy and gloomy day. You can experience the real thrill and excitement of winning real prizes your much-loved games right from the palm of your hand.

5. 4 Pics 1 Word (Free)

I recently downloaded this app after seeing lots of commotion about it on Facebook, and although I was initially a little skeptical about downloading it, I must admit that I’m now completely hooked to it ” I can’t seem to put my phone down!

The concept of the game is extremely simple ” you’re shown 4 pictures and you’ve got to guess what link all of the pictures have in common. Sounds simple, right? Well, although some of them are, others will leave you asking everyone around you for help…

Do you have any games on your device that we haven’t mentioned here and you simply can’t put down? Why not tell us about them in the comments below…

Top Must-Try Gaming Apps for 2013
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