Top 5 Online Games in 2013

Online games aren’t just for those with a PC – you can now play online with your friends from your games console, mobile phone, tablet or laptop. As the world of online gaming has grown, so have to choices of what to play. Whether you are a fan of RPGs (that’s Role Playing Games to those not in the know), first-person shooters or puzzle quests, chances are you can find the perfect online game for you in 2013.

Here we have put together our top 5 favourites for you to try so why not take a break from the housework, or entertain yourself on the commute home, and try an online game today?

Games with Friends

If you prefer games that you can play via your mobile with friends, then there are so many you can download right away. Candy Crush Saga, Words with Friends and FarmVille are all great games you can play online with friends. Or you can try winning cash as you play with great games from sites like Bingo Mania – you can even play with people from all over the country.

Fright Night

If you like your games like your films – scary, scary and scary – then Slender is the ideal game for you. Created from an urban legend that went viral (type Slenderman into Google images to see what we mean) this is a game for the true die-hard horror fan. Eerie, suspenseful and wonderfully rendered, Slender involves just you, fog and a terrifying creature that stalks you through the darkness. Play with the lights off – we dare you!

Deep Space

Planetside 2 is a fantastic online game that combines great story-telling with heart-pumping thrills. A first-person shooter that is free to play, Planetside 2 allows players from all over the world to compete and can involve thousands of participants playing at once. Choose from a number of different characters, earn Battle Ranks and you may find yourself playing for hours in this highly enriched outer space world.

Brave New World

So, this one isn’t technically new for 2013 but it is still one of the best. World of Warcraft is famous for its highly-detailed landscapes, engaging stories and character choices. Available as the basic game or with a bunch of expansion packs, this is a game for those who love to immerse themselves within the world they are playing in. Choose the race of your character, give them a name and you’re off! You can customise your armour, weapons and even tattoos to create a totally unique experience.

Super Fun!

Okay, so Super Crate Box might not have the most exciting name on our list but you should definitely give this game a chance. Wonderfully retro in style and very engaging, this game has become extremely popular very quickly. Based on speed and skill, you have to fight off funny green monsters while collecting crates. Sound easy? It is, at first, but this game will keep you coming back again and again to reach an even higher score.

If there anything on this list that you feel we’ve missed? Why not give us your recommendations for online games in 2013 below…

Top 5 Online Games in 2013
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