Top 5 Apps Of The Week

The sheer number of apps released every week is staggering. From gaming to news readers, casino apps to educational software, there’s something for everyone if you can find your way through the virtual maze. Many are free, but be aware of the difference between truly free and “freemium”; the latter can involve paying for extra levels or an upgrade to a non-“lite” version.

Skype, for example, restricts your ability to make a three-way call with its free version. Music streaming service Spotify is time-limited if you don’t pay; the number of hours you can use it for is reset at the end of the month.

Still, the variety on offer is huge, whether it’s for tablet or smartphone, iOS, Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry. Let’s look at five of the best available apps this week.

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star

Uh-oh fans of Tiny Tower will have guessed that this is horribly addictive. Recruit characters from the films including Wookiees to help you build, populate and run your very own Death Star. With the power of the Dark Side at your disposal, what could possibly go wrong?


For iOS &; Android


This shoot-em-up game from Bulkypix is a good-looking, action packed arcade-style app. Keep fighting in order to upgrade your character and his arsenal of weapons. The various robots you’ll come up against have individual skills and characters so you’ll need to be on your toes. There are 30 levels to complete – and there’s a multiplayer option.


For iOS &; Android


Virtual casino buffs, particularly in the US, will appreciate this guide to real money gambling apps. It covers apps for every operating system, from sites like Bovada and Slotland Casino. Security issues are addressed and poker, casino and sports betting sites are rated.


For all platforms

Google Helpouts

Here’s a simple but genuinely helpful idea. People who need advice with something, whether it’s a recipe, a photography issue or fitness and nutrition tips, can now use Helpouts to talk to experts over a live video feed. Reviews so far have been very positive.


For Android (an iOS version is promised soon)

Hotel Tonight

Another very helpful app, Hotel Tonight connects you with places to stay offering bargain last-minute rates. The app covers twelve countries right now, including the US, Canada, Mexico, the UK and Spain, and more are promised. The developers claim they’ve personally checked each hotel they feature.


For Android &; iOS

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Top 5 Apps Of The Week
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