Top 5 Apps To Help You Go Green

Going green is fairly high up on most people’s agendas. We recycle, compost, donate and think about our carbon foot prints. However, there’s so much more you could be doing to help the environment, and usually these things just require simple changes to our lifestyles.

So, if you’re becoming increasingly environmentally conscious and are eager to do your bit for the planet, we’ve put together a list of some of 5 of the best smartphone apps that could help you to live a greener lifestyle:


1. GoodGuide

This amazing app helps you to make smarter choices when it comes to your shopping. It has a huge database of products and a barcode scanner. When you are out shopping just scan a product and the guide will let you know if it’s nature-friendly or not.

You can do your bit for the environment by supporting companies that have similar ethical beliefs as you do.

2. My CO2 Calculator

This app lets you calculate the CO2 emissions involved in all sorts of travel. The GPS calculates the distance that needs to be travelled along with the method.

It’s a good way to determine the maximum emissions you can afford on a monthly basis. This number is based on your own goals for reducing your carbon footprint.

3. GreenOMeter

This is great app for car drivers who want to drive more economically, and therefore reduce their carbon footprint. It evaluates how you drive, your fuel consumption and then gives tips on how you can improve your driving and, therefore, lower your emissions.

As well as helping the environment, driving more economically could help you with your finances too. Doing so could help to give you more kilometres to the tank, reduce the frequency of breakdowns and therefore repair costs, and it could even reduce the cost of your car insurance, as many insurance companies offer budget insurance policies to reward those individuals who both strive to drive safe and in a way that’s sympathetic to the environment.

4. Commute Greener

This app tracks your daily emissions on your commute to work. Regardless of whether you take the tube or fly around in your own private jet, seeing the sorts of emissions you are contributing can lead you to make smarter decisions. Perhaps walk the mile to work rather than getting a taxi or take a normal flight rather than your own plane…

5. Love Food Hate Waste

Huge amounts of food are thrown away every year in the Australia and this app has been designed to help reduce that. We tend to buy fresh fruit and veg in an effort to be healthy but poor planning means we don’t eat it and it just goes off.

Love Food Hate Waste gives tips on smarter buying, how to compost, recipe ideas, and tips from top celebrity chefs. You’ll be able to eat healthy and live a greener lifestyle all at the same time.

Top 5 Apps To Help You Go Green
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