Top 5 Android Password Apps

Of late passwords are becoming increasingly complicated to manage. You can’t have a simple word as a password, it needs capital letters, random characters, numbers and a whole lot more – of course that’s only for people who don’t want to get hacked. It would be simple if you could use just one password for everything but evidently that’s a no no too these days considering one strong site’s encryption can be overruled by another site’s failure to keep passwords secure. If you’re an Android user you have the added trouble of worrying about cell phone spyware and keyloggers. Of course if you’re on Android you can pick up an app that helps you remember things you can’t or don’t want to i.e. your passwords.

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Keep it secure

Keeper is one of the most popular apps when it comes to securing your passwords and other private data. The app in addition to remembering your passwords and keeping hackers away from your private details, can also help you come up with strong passwords. You don’t need to punch in your secret codes anytime you’re trying to sign into something since the app has an autolaunch features for sites that you choose to save, which means the problem of keystroke logger isn’t something you have to worry about.

Splash away the trouble

SplashID goes a little further in terms of security because it offers the option of storing financial ids, pins, passwords etc. whatever sensitive data you have can be easily stored in the same place. It can keep your ids and passwords tagged together so if you have  a habit of forgetting your ids you can use it to your advantage. The 256 bit encryption adds a strong layer of security to your data. You can also sift through your data and manage it with the app since it can help get rid of duplicate entries in your phone.

One for all

LastPass has brought to life the Last Password which basically helps you sync every single password you’ve ever made. Each site that you go about saving to the app is stored and the next time you access it you’re signed in with just one password. The autofill option for the sites you open on your phone is also useful. Last Password also has a password generator for people who can’t come up with strong enough passwords.

There’s money at stake

If you’re part of the growing number of people who use their phones for digital transaction that mSecure is probably an app that would prove useful for you. In addition to story your passwords and other sensitive data the app handles your bank and card details as well. In the event that you lose your phone or it’s stolen the app will lock the data away from meddlers with the Auto-lock feature. The app lets you sync your data across multiple platforms including cloud.

Android Wallet

The Android Wallet Password Manager handles web accounts, online banking information, data on your debit/credit cards AND your passwords. It’s more of a financial tool than a password app but it gets the job done and has a strong rep. It’s also one of the few apps on the Android Market that’s free but doesn’t shove ads down your throat – which is odd. In addition to a 256 bit encryption there’s also the option that data it stores be destroyed when multiple access attempts fail, which means if someone tries to get their hands on your information it’ll be wiped clean.

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Top 5 Android Password Apps
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