Three Point Blogging – The Theory

So, Ubuntu community manager and social guru Jono Bacon has come up with a theory he has dubbed Three Point Blogging, or TPB for short. The theory goes that most people will only take away three points from a presentation or article. So, keeping your articles to only three paragraphs (or three points) will help your readers consume your McNuggets of information easier.

“Blogging has lost some of its luster to me somewhat. I don’t enjoy nor have the time to read large swathes of text, and I don’t have the time to produce large swathes of text either.”

I personally think in a similar way to Jono on this, as I loath those articles that have page upon page of text for you to wade through. Sure some subjects require such an in-depth article (for example, my recent ownCloud Setup Guide) but having 3,000 words on the latest smartphone to be released is just a waste if you ask me. When I see such articles it usually drives me away to find a more reader friendly post.

So, in true TPB style, I’m going to keep this article short and sweet, and over the next few weeks/months I’ll be joining Jono’s experiment to see how TPB will go. What do you think? Are we insane to try such a ground breaking expedition into the blogging nether? Or is having short and snappy articles just what you want to see? Tell us your thoughts (preferably in a TPB style :P) below.

Three Point Blogging – The Theory
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