HTC To Release Android 4.1 Device – the One X+

After many, many leaks and rumors, HTC has finally revealed its newest Android handset as the One X+. While the general look of the device is quite similar to the original One X, it has received a few cosmetic and decent internal changes. The phone itself looks a lot sleeker (and better looking than Samsung’s Galaxy S III in my opinion) with the three capacitive keys in red and a more blended-in camera hump for the dark grey version (also comes in white and a red-accented version).


The front-facing camera also got a spec-bump and is now 1.6 megapixels with improved camera software. The device comes with an improved Tegra 3 SoC clocked at 1.7 GHz that is finally able to support LTE-connectivity where available. Internal storage ranges up to a whopping 64GB with an additional 25GB of free Dropbox storage and the non-removable battery is now 2,100 mAh to match the GS3.


But other than that, it’s the same as the original One X with its beautiful and unmatched 4.7 inch Super LCD 2 720p display, f/2.0 8mp rear camera, Beats Audio, and the 5-pin dock connectors.


This device ships with Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean, and as expected, HTC Sense. Sense itself has been updated to version “4+” (looks like Sense 4.1 but slightly modified) which brings more improvements (Google Now) and changes to the underlying Jelly Bean build.

Check out this thread on XDA to see all the changes to Sense. The HTC One X+ will be available very HTC One X+ very soon.


HTC To Release Android 4.1 Device – the One X+
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