The Most Effective Ways of Building a Mobile Website

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Update: See our SEO Friendly Guide to Mobile Websites.

With the ever increasing popularity and usage of tablets and smartphones, it’s almost become a necessity for companies to have mobile device compatible websites. The fact is that people are using their mobile devices more and more often to perform tasks they would regularly complete on a regular computer.

Because of this, a mobile website can help to ensure that your customer or user base is provided with a mobile website experience that is just as smooth and expedient as their regular Internet experience would be. When it comes to actually creating a mobile website, there are a couple of options you can choose from in order to build a website that best suits your needs and that of your target audience. It’s important to know the pros and cons of each method so that you can make an informed choice.

Creating One on Your Own

Creating your own mobile website from scratch can be a very daunting task if you lack in technical knowledge. If you’ve got that know-how, however, this may be one of the cheapest and efficient ways of doing so. In-depth familiarity with modern Web technologies such as CSS3 and HTML5 will be imperative. Creating a responsive mock-up that is compatible across all mobile device platforms can be the trickiest part of the design process.

You’ll also likely make use of media queries, which are some of the most vital tools any web designer can have. Media queries will be crucial in ensuring that your mobile website is mobile friendly and is also correctly responsive. Creating a mobile website entirely on your own with your own expansive technical knowledge can lead to a finished product that is absolutely perfect for your requirements. However, this is an option that most likely won’t apply to those who have no experience or in-depth knowledge of web design.

Choosing a Professional Service

There are a number of professional services that exist solely to help you design and build a mobile website. The obvious advantage to using such a service would be that it’s much easier to do so than to design your own. These services often provide you with a large array of features that will allow you to create a mobile website that does exactly what you need it to do without any hiccups. Most of these professional services will allow you to create mobile websites that are cross-platform compatible, which is a vital factor when you take into consideration the many different types of mobile platforms being used.

Through a mobile website building service you’ll be able to add maps and directions, click-to-call functions, and the ability to synchronize your mobile website with your regular website. Knowing exactly what information needs to be included on your mobile website is vital in order for you to be able to choose the best mobile website builder.

Whether to use a professional website building service or to create a mobile website entirely on your own is a choice that will depend on your technical knowledge, skill, and experience. It can also rely upon things like your budget and time limits. Choosing a professional service may cost you a little more in the end, but it can also lead to the speedy creation of a mobile website that perfectly suits your needs. On the other hand, designing your own—if you have the know-how—means you can tweak the website entirely to your tastes.

Have any of you guys had to design your own mobile website? We’ve had a lot of problems with ours, but now we’re happy with it. We’d love to hear your stories below…

The Most Effective Ways of Building a Mobile Website
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  • Guillermo Garron

    I made myself from twitter Bootstrap. But for I bought a nice and minimalist wordpress theme.

    Yours looks great.

  • MarthaFBautista

    Really good insight on SEO guide for building a mobile website. Thanks for reminding basics, you have described very well both options for creating an SEO friendly mobile site.