Stop Using Passwords On WordPress With Clef

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Passwords are the de-facto way to secure any account, but forgetting your password can be a real pain; you could always use a password manager like LastPass. But what if you don’t want a password manager? Well, you could always use Clef, which completely removes the need to use both a username, and password on your WordPress site.

What Is Clef?

Put simply, it’s an app for your smartphone that uses encryption keys to simply, and securely log you on to your WordPress site. Once you’re setup, and you attempt to login to WordPress, you will be asked to login using the Clef app on your smartphone, rather than entering a username and password. Here’s a video showing you how it all works:

How Does Clef Work?

Clef uses 2048-bit RSA encryption keys to manage your logins, and each login generates a new key, so effectively your “password” changes with every login.

Once the Clef plugin is installed, it will check all the users within WordPress to see if there is a corresponding Clef account with a matching, verified email address. It will then automatically link your WordPress account with your Clef account. This means that there is no messy business of linking the accounts together, it’s all done automatically by Clef.

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If you want more detailed information on how Clef works, then you can take a look at the really useful slideshow that the Clef guys have setup. Setting up is also extremely easy. You simply install the Clef plugin from the WordPress plugin repository (the same way you would for any other plugin), install the app on your phone, and you’re away. It took me around 5 minutes to set up. But if you get stuck, you can checkout the Clef installation guide.

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What If I Don’t Have My Phone With Me?

That’s totally fine too. When you enable the Clef login system on WordPress, you can still use the traditional way of logging in with a username and password. So make sure that you keep your password strong. You can also continue to use WordPress management systems like InfiniteWP with Clef.

Clef is a really great way to manage your WordPress account, and what’s more, you can also use Clef on a number of other sites and services across the internet. So you’re not just limited to WordPress. For me personally, I’ll be sticking with InfiniteWP, but that’s only because I have a number of WordPress sites that I manage, so this makes more sense for me.

If you have just the one WordPress site, or if you use the same email address across multiple WordPress sites, then I would strongly recommend giving Clef a try, as it’s a great way of securing your WordPress account without the headaches that come with really complicated passwords.

Stop Using Passwords On WordPress With Clef
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