Steam For Linux Is Now Open For Everyone

Steam Beta

Here on RefuGeeks we have not written anything about the exciting news of Steam coming over to Linux (well, more specifically Ubuntu). This has been a deliberate decision as we didn’t want to dangle a carrot in front of our gaming readers only to tell them that the beta was closed to just a lucky few.

Well today is a great day for all you Linux gamers because the Steam beta for Ubuntu is now complete open. Anyone can sign up and play some of the awesome games that the guys at Steam have on offer.

Will this mean more Ubuntu users?

Well, in short I think yes. I speak to a lot of people about Linux and Ubuntu and the vast majority of people that I know who have used Ubuntu usually go back to Windows for one reason and one reason only…gaming. I know some people that dual boot Windows and Linux, using the former only as a gaming a platform. The problem is that the majority of said people mainly use their machines for gaming and therefore boot in to Windows the majority of the time anyway. This unfortunately means that Linux gets overlooked by these people.

As Steam is taken on by more and more Linux users and games developers start making what I like to call “tri-service” games (i.e. Windows, Mac & Linux) I think this can only be a positive thing for the Linux community. Especially once people see how awesome Linux can be away from gaming!

This is all great but how the hell do I get Steam?

Simple, you head on over to the Steam download page by clicking on the button below. Once there you simply download the .deb file, install it using the Ubuntu Software Centre and away you go. If you don’t have a Steam account already you can sign up for one for free once you have installed the application.

Note: You will need a valid email address to sign up for Steam.

Steam Download


Do you have a Linux Steam game that you would like to recommend? Why not leave a comment below or come on over and discuss it in our forums.

Steam For Linux Is Now Open For Everyone
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