Steam For Linux Celebration Sale

Steam Linux Sale

Following the Steam for Linux official release back in December, they have now announced a huge sale on all Steam for Linux games where you can get anything up to 80% off any Linux games you purchase!

So not only does your favourite operating system cost you nothing, you will now get a large discount off your favourite Steam for Linux games as well. If you want to take a look at the games that are available, along with the discounts that have been applied, head on over to the official Steam for Linux page to take a look.

With brilliant games like Half-Life going for just £1.49 (around $3.00) and Counter-Strike for £3.49 (around $5.00), you really can’t go wrong on with this sale.

The Steam for Linux sale will last until February 21st at 10:00 PST so you still have five days to grab yourself a bargain.

Do you have any recommendations to purchase during the Steam for Linux sale? Why not tell us more in the comments section… 

Steam For Linux Celebration Sale
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