Speed Quizzing Brings The Humble Pub Quiz Into The 21st Century

Speed QuizzingI don’t know about our friends “over the pond” in the US, but over here in the UK we like nothing more than meeting a group of our buddies for a few beers and a good old pub quiz. But a new service dubbed Speed Quizzing is set to take the humble pub quiz by storm.

What is Speed Quizzing?

Anyone who’s ever attended a pub quiz will know the drill, you pay your couple of pound and in return you get your badly photocopied piece of paper with a handful of fuzzy black and white photo’s for “guess the celebrity”; then another 50 of so spaces to fill in your various answers. At the end of the quiz all the scores are tallied up and the winning team get a prize.

Speed Quizzing is completely different, here the whole quiz is run from the quiz masters laptop and you take part using a free app from the Apple App Store, or Android Market. Once you have the app installed the quiz master will go through each question and your team interactively answer via a nominated phone. The beauty of Speed Quizzing is that the answers are given on the fly so this breeds competition (and fun) along the way.

How do I start Speed Quizzing?

They have a free Windows application that you can download to run your own quizzes. Once downloaded you can try a demo version and if you like Speed Quizzing, get an activation code to start running your own quiz.

As a participant you can find a list of Speed Quizzing events that are taking place on the Speed Quizzing website. Looking at the events list, I actually found a regular Speed Quizzing host that’s around 5 minutes from my parents house – always a bonus!

I personally think that this is a great way to bring the humble pub quiz into the 21 century, and also help to stop the inevitable cheating that goes on with modern smartphones (you get a limited time to answer).

But what do you guys think? As my fellow RefuGeeks, would you consider attending a Speed Quizzing quiz over a traditional quiz? I know I would.

Speed Quizzing Brings The Humble Pub Quiz Into The 21st Century
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