Sky To Change Their Email Service From Google To Yahoo!

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Many people all over the UK use Sky for not only their TV, but also their internet, telephone and services like email. I myself have TV, telephone and fibre optic broadband with Sky. I also have a Sky email address although I don’t use it.

Today I received an email into my inbox from Sky, informing me that from April 2013 Sky will be changing their email service provider from Gmail to Yahoo! Personally I’ve never used Yahoo! mail as I’m happy with what Google can offer me and as a Google Apps user with my own domain, this won’t really affect me.

This got me thinking though, what if I did use my Sky email address as my primary mailbox? Well, the email that I received says that the transition from Gmail to Yahoo! will be seamless for me as a user and that Sky will take care of everything for me provided I agree to the new terms and conditions before April 2013.

But what about the Android phone and Android Tablet that I would have to reset because my primary Gmail account on the device no longer works? Or what about the learning curve of working with a completely different email system?

What about email clients like Outlook and Thunderbird? These will all need to be updated to reflect the change, but less technical users may not know how to do this. Especially if they don’t receive many emails; they may just think that they haven’t received an email in while when in fact their email has completely stopped working.

Sure it will be seamless in terms of moving emails, contact and calendars over, but it will be far from seamless in many other ways. If you’re a Sky user and haven’t been notified of the change yet, you can head over to the Sky Yahoo! site for more information on the change over.

Are you a Sky email user? Will this switch be as easy for you as Sky are making out? Or are you a Yahoo! mail user and want to share your thoughts on the change over? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Sky To Change Their Email Service From Google To Yahoo!
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  • George Thomas

    My experience of the Sky/Yahoo change over has been horrendous.4,000 mails in my trash box,incoming mail going straight into trash box .so decided to leave because the amount of spam I was receiving since the changeover was increasing on a daily basis.
    Gave notice to Sky and was informed in writing termination date was 7th May 2013.For reasons best known to Sky they terminated my telephone and Internet on Wednesday 24th April 2013 telling me that the disconnection for the telephone was a different time scale than tv services,we sent you an email.Oh that went straight into my trash box. So with no new supplier I pleaded to get my telephone number I have had for 18yrs so I could transfer to anew supplier ,oh that’s now gone into the Internet ether.
    So now have no Internet until 7th May complaint made to Sky regarding sloppy service using my sim card operated Ipad to communicate busy reflecting on Sky’s straplinei Believe In Better……..Better sloppy service or Better customer Service?