Silence Your Android Automatically At Night With “I’m Sleeping”

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Sleep is very important to all of us, and none more that a lazy fella like myself. So I think you will agree that there is nothing more annoying that when you’re just nodding off and all of a sudden your phone/tablet starts to ring or beep with the sound of a text message or the many emails that we all receive overnight.

Unfortunately though most of us can’t simply put our devices on silent as most of us also use them as an alarm clock also; so having a silent alarm clock will probably make us late for work. So what can we do in order to get a good nights sleep but ensure that our alarm still goes off in the morning to take you from the land of nod? Well my friends, you need I’m Sleeping.

What is I’m Sleeping?

I’m Sleeping is a very simple, yet very useful app. All it basically does is schedule the time your phone will go into silent mode. So, for example you can set your device to automatically go into silent mode at 23:00, allowing you to drift into a nice slumber with no interruptions. You can then tell I’m Sleeping to come out of silent mode again a 05:55, five minutes before your alarm so that it chirps away as usual. How cool is that!

But what if people need to get hold of me?

The developers of I’m Sleeping still have you covered. Say for example you’re on call with work, or you want someone to get hold of you in case of emergency. Having I’m Sleeping enabled would completely defeat the object of being on call. Wouldn’t it? Well, no not really.

You see with I’m Sleeping you can set a ‘white list’ that allows calls from these numbers always come through loud instead of silenced. So you could have your work number  white listed so that if you get a call, your phone will ring instead of doing nothing. You can add anyone in your contacts list to this list, it’s very simple.

You can also tell I’m Sleeping to ‘go loud’ if the same number is repeatedly calling you. So if there is an emergency from a number you are not expecting and therefore not in your white list, their calls will ‘go loud’ if they repeatedly call you.

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So if you’re looking for an Android app that will allow you to get a good nights sleep without your device annoying you every five minutes, then you should get I’m Sleeping. You can download I’m Sleeping for free from the Google Play Store using the button below.

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Silence Your Android Automatically At Night With “I’m Sleeping”
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