Should I Upgrade To Windows 8?

Windows 8 is due for release at the end of October and with the release a little over a month a way, I’ve been asking myself if I should upgrade my one and only Windows machine to Windows 8.

I’ve written numerous articles about Windows 8 here on RefuGeeks, most of which hasn’t exactly been a positive experience. But after a lot of thought I have decided to actually upgrade to Windows 8. Here’s why…

It’s cheap

Microsoft have decided to offer a Windows 8 upgrade at an extremely cheap £14.99 for anyone who has bought a qualifying Windows 7 PC. Considering a Windows upgrade usually costs around £100 for Home Premium or above, this is extremely cheap. Now I can’t really decide if Microsoft are pushing this because of the bad press that they have been getting over Windows 8 or if this is the shape of things to come because they will continue to make money from consumers from apps purchased through the new Microsoft store.

Personally, I don’t really care why Microsoft are offering Windows 8 for such a cheap price. For £14.99, I can happily buy the upgrade license and never use it if I like.

Everyone will have it

Windows is running on around 80% of the planets computers* so whether we like it or not, the vast majority of people will be using it in the next couple of years. Either by upgrading their OS or buying a new machine. This means that OEM’s will write drivers and support it therefore this means that I need a copy just in case. Which brings me on to my third and final reason…

I need to support it

I make my living in IT support, I am a Microsoft, Networking & Email specialist so I need to know the latest versions Windows inside out. I’m not a very academic person, I prefer to learn by “playing around” instead of studying and doing exams (although I am Microsoft Certified). So having a Windows 8 machine around the house really is a must if I want to continue supporting users.

After all, what kind of IT guy would I be if someone called me up asking for help with Windows 8 and I say “sorry, I don’t use it so I can’t help”.  Not a very good response is it?

I’m upgrading, but should you?

Ultimately I can’t really make that decision for you. If you think you need Windows 8 or if you want the latest OS from Microsoft then go for it. However, if you’re happy with what you have now and prefer a traditional desktop as a pose to the newest then I’d say stick with what you have now.

There is of course the option to move over to other operating systems like Ubuntu for example, or even a Mac (if you have deep pockets). But I’m a firm believer of “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it”. If what you have now works well then is there any point in moving on?

There is a final option, if you want a traditional desktop and the latest Windows OS then you can make Windows 8 behave in a more traditional way. Read about how I achieved this during the final day of my week with Windows 8.

Will you be upgrading to Windows 8? Tell us why (or why not) in the comments section…

*Actual number varies depending on source of data.

Should I Upgrade To Windows 8?
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  • Brian Kanto

    I think they are charging extra for media center, (centre to you :)) That is the only thing I use Windows for, so I won’t upgrade. I have XBMC up and running, but there is not cost effective way to keep the guide up to date in the US, So I still have windows on one machine.