Secure Streak – A Chrome Extension To Encrypt Your Gmail Emails

We must say that in this day and age and with the PRISM affair we really can’t be sure who’s eyes are on our communications. So, encryption is a great tool to keep those prying eyes out of your mail; and now it’s supported on Gmail…

Secure Streak is a free Chrome extension that allows you to encrypt your emails with a password before sending them. Of course, this doesn’t mean that “big brother”  won’t be able to intercept your mail and decipher the message(s) at a later date. But it does make it more secure than sending in plain text.

By cons, if you want to protect yourself and your communications from prying eyes (your employer, your children, your spouse, or your neighbour’s son who looks too much like James Bond) this extension is for you. Secure Streak is very simple to use. To compose an encrypted email, you just click on the padlock located beside of the mail composing button, then you write your message.


Finally Secure Streak will ask for a password and encrypt the email locally before sending, the recipient will then need that password to decrypt the email, which is also done locally – so the plain text never hits Google’s servers. We didn’t find the type of algorithm used so we do not know how strong the stuff is, but the tool is free, open source and well thought out. It is therefore worth to be used, or at least take a look.

Secure Streak – A Chrome Extension To Encrypt Your Gmail Emails
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