Samsung Series 3 Chromebook – First Impressions

Series 3So I recently took the plunge and decided to buy myself a Samsung Series 3 Chromebook, running, of course, Google’s Chrome OS. I’ve been using the device for most of the day and this is my first post on the device. Reviews of this device are ten to the dozen, plus I don’t really think I’ve had the device long enough to warrant a full review. So for now I thought I’d share some of my initial impressions of the device and follow up with a full review once I’ve had it for a week or so.

So far I’m really loving Chrome OS, it’s actually a lot more functional than I thought it was going to be. Maybe that’s because I actually did my research and there are a lot of people who are spouting that the OS is completely un-usable. I can’t disagree with those people enough, Chrome OS is a superb OS so long as you are using the device for what it’s intended for.

The device is fast, responsive and the battery is awesome! I really do think that this little device will compliment my main PC perfectly. However, it’s not all rosy as there are a couple of albeit small things that I don’t like about the device.

Firstly, I think the trackpad needs a little work. Even through I’ve turned the sensitivity up, it’s still isn’t as responsive as the trackpad on my company HP ProBook. But to be fair, those devices cost 4 times what my little Chromebook cost me. Also, I find it really frustrating that the keyboard is actually a US keyboard (the @ and ” symbols are the wrong way around). So I’ve been finding it confusing, but I’m sure I will get used to it.

The screen feels nice, it’s no Pixel obviously, but the Series 3 Chromebook is the perfect secondary device that I was looking for. Like I said, this is just my first impressions on the device I’d love to hear the views of any other Chromebookers out there. Please leave a comment below. Full review to follow…

Samsung Series 3 Chromebook – First Impressions
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  • davebowlin

    Thanks for the information. I’ve been thinking about one of these, or to change my outdated iPad for a newer one. Haven’t really decided, but am leaning more and more towards the Chromebook.

  • Joof

    Do it.

    And look into chrooting linux. You get a full blown laptop with a pretty stellar battery life and full featured pc functionality in the chroot! There are two scripts I know of that make it easy as pie to install:

    My preference:

    And another one that has had quite a bit of work done (from which the aforementioned is ported off of):

  • shadowguy14

    I love mine, but I wish it loaded websites faster. Even my older Dell Latitude E6400 loads things like The Verge or Angry birds faster!