Samsung Galaxy S4 Specs Infographic

This week we wrote about the Samsung announcement of the countdown to “the next big thing“. That next big thing turned out to be the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S4. So the big question on everyone’s lips is, what are the Samsung Galaxy S4 specs? Well, rather than giving you a load of text to wade through about the Galaxy S4 specs, we decided to give you a handy infographic that sums up the Galaxy S4 specs really well…

Galaxy S4 Infographic

The Galaxy S4 is due for release any day now and the price is rumored to be around the £499 mark SIM free and available on a 24 month contract for around £30-40 per month here in the UK. This isn’t by any means a cheap device but it is top of the range (looking at the Galaxy S4 specs above anyway). Personally, I am a little disappointed by the device. To me it looks simply like an incremental upgrade from the S3. Let’s hope that Samsung aren’t getting complacent like a certain fruity company that we all know.

Will you be buying a Samsung Galaxy S4? Tell us why, or why not in the comments section below…

Samsung Galaxy S4 Specs Infographic
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