Rumour: NVIDIA Kicking Apples and Taking Names


Oh yeah, NVIDIA is at it again, working to deliver knock out punches across the industry and shake things up with their heavy hitting graphics technologies. The latest contender is the highly anticipated Tegra processor, which is built on their extremely well received Kepler desktop architecture. It delivers a minimum 25% greater performance level than anything else in the market right now – supposedly.

The actual package consists of ARM Cortex-A15 CPUs, with the GPU based on the Kepler architecture. Two of the chips it’s beating out are Apple’s 64-bit A7, and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 – at least as measured by 3DMark. In fact, before the ink even dries on this update, reports are spilling out of China that indicate the chip actually outperforms Intel Haswell devices with integrated 3D graphics. This, at about 30% of the power consumption. If that’s true, then this is definitely starting out to be a year of epic chipset battles.

Of course – reports are just that, and sometimes little more. The actual testing scores were provided by Tom’s Hardware, and they were told that the Lenovo Thinkvision 28 which, while an impressive piece of kit, was only ‘reported’ to have the K1 chip in it. Additionally, if it is indeed the K1 inside, it’s not the 64-bit chip, and it isn’t running at the max clock NVIDIA claims, which is 2.3GHz. Also, it’s probably not running market consumption drivers. Still, the performance is impressive.

Rumour: NVIDIA Kicking Apples and Taking Names
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