Replace Google Reader With Feedly

Google Reader is a fantastic service, personally I use it daily for multiple RSS feeds. Unfortunately for people like me though, Google will be closing the Google Reader doors on 01st July 2013. So what can you do to replace Google Reader once those proverbial doors close? Simple, get Feedly!

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What is Feedly?

Feedly MobileFeedly is basically an RSS reader that you can use to replace Google Reader. They have a browser plugins available, as well as mobile apps for both Android and iOS. Once you’ve installed the app on your device or within your browser, Feedly has an option to log into Google Reader in order to import all of your feeds. This is because Feedly utilises the Google Reader API so your feeds can be imported extremely easily.

Right out of the box, Feedly works as a great way to replace Google Reader, however the experience isn’t quite as simple as the experience you are probably use to when using Google Reader. But the settings within Feedly can easily be changed to act more like Google Reader. For example, changing the Transition setting to Scroll and enabling the Auto mark as read feature from the advanced settings menu will make Feedly work a little more like Google Reader.

The experience is obviously going to be different in Feedly as it’s a different product, nevertheless Feedly is well placed to be an easy way to replace Google Reader once it shuts down. I’ve been using Feedly for around 3 days now and although it’s a little more complicated than Google Reader, it is very easy to pick up. I also like the way you can easily read content from other sources that is catergorised by niche as per the image to the right. This makes Feedly a kind of mix between both Google Reader and Currents.

Do you have another tool you can use to replace Google Reader? Or are you already using Feedly? How do you feel about Google Reader closing? Why not tell us your thoughts below…

Replace Google Reader With Feedly
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  • Bob

    I’m sticking with Google Reader right up until the deadline. When I’m forced to switch, the list of alternative RSS readers will have matured and the best choices will be more apparent. Feedly could be one of those though, and I will admit it does look good!

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