RefuGeeks Is Evolving

Anyone who has read our About Us page will know that RefuGeeks is very much my baby and apart from a select few guest authors, I post pretty much all of the content here on RefuGeeks. Being the creator of a fast growing website like RefuGeeks doesn’t just stop at adding a post or two a day – managing a website is a lot of hard work.

As I said, RefuGeeks is growing, fast and we’re starting to get some really great content on here now. So, I thought I would update the look of the website to change it from a simple blog to a fully functioning, fantastic online magazine. I’ve been working really hard for around the last 3-4 week on a brand new look for RefuGeeks. It will be similar to how it looks now with our gorgeous Ubuntu based Orange & Purple colour scheme at the core and of course our goofy geek in the logo – but with some fantastic new artwork and a really contemporary look.

I’d like to add at this point that the new site has been made 100% in open source tools. The site is based on WordPress and all the artwork has been created in Inkscape & The GIMP by my own fair hands. The new site is nearly ready so we will be going live in the next few days

It will take around 2 hours to fully migrate all the code, so if you come to visit and get our “maintenance mode” page instead of our goofy geek and great content then I do apologise, it just means that I am hard at work setting up the new site so that all of the fantastic readers of RefuGeeks can have a more enjoyable ‘geek out’ on us.

I really hope you enjoy the new site, there are bound to be bugs so if you find any, it would be great if you could use the contact page to fire over a quick email to let me know. Thanks to everyone for your continued support, RefuGeeks wouldn’t exist without you guys!

RefuGeeks Is Evolving
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  • Ulrich Gero

    Wow! can’t wait to see the new design of the site…

  • shadowguy14

    Now that I think about this site does look plain so I’m glad to hear about a new look, regardless I’ll keep coming back

  • Kev Quirk

    Glad you guys are as excited as I am about the update! It’s nearly ready now so hopefully I’ll migrating ti the new look either tonight or tomorrow night.