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If you’re anything like me then you will trawl the vast amount of blogs and news sites on the Internet looking for interesting things to read about. I do this so much that my girlfriend has actu... »

Windows 8 Release Preview Review

Windows 8 Release Preview Review

  I recently wrote about my thoughts on whether or not Windows 8 will catch on based on the customer preview that Microsoft released about 6 months ago. Sine then, Microsoft have had another 6 months... »

Bolt – A Unity Type Dash For Gnome Shell

Are you one of those people who like both Gnome Shell and Unity, but can’t decide which one to stick with? Well, there has been a Gnome Extension released called ‘Bolt’. This extensi... »

Facebook to launch their own SmartPhone?

In a New York Times article yesterday, it suggested that Facebook had been hiring numerous SmartPhone engineers recently. The source(s) of this information has remained hidden, but in the article it w... »

Linux Mint 13 Review

Linux Mint 13 Review

  I recently wrote a quick article about the new release of Linux Mint 13 and as promised in that article, here is my review of Linux Mint 13. So I setup the Cinnamon version of Linux Mint 13 in ... »

Everything you need to know about Ubuntu One

For those that don’t know, Ubuntu One (U1 for short) is a cloud sync tool like Dropbox, Sugarsync or Google Drive. In this post I will be going into details about all the things you can do with ... »

Linux Mint 13 ‘Maya’ Released

The newest iteration of the very popular Ubuntu variant, Linux Mint has been released today. Linux Mint 13, code named ‘Maya’ is based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and since it’s an LTS (Long... »

Pinguy OS 12.04 Beta Released

The latest version of the exceptionally popular Linux Distribution, Pinguy OS has been released as a beta for testing. Note: This is a beta release, purely for testing, if you want a stable version of... »

How to backup your emails…FOR FREE!

Being the local go-to-geek for all my friends and family I often get asked general questions regarding all things geeky. Surprisingly, a number of friends have asked me how best to backup their emails... »

Ubuntu One Indicator – An Ubuntu One Status Widget For Ubuntu

Anyone that uses Dropbox will be familar with the Dropbox panel widget that is installed by default. It gives you some very useful information like how much space you have left on your account, what&#... »

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